Reviews - Caribbean Hotel Industry

·        As owners ourselves, we recognize the need to efficiently exploit resources to maximize bottom-line results, by carefully assessing the needs of each project, deploying creative strategies for marketing impact and revenue generation.  With this perspective, we project an “owner’s conscience”, while implementing the strategic plan.


·        We continually evaluate our performance by carefully monitoring owner satisfaction indices, return on investment, generation of positive cash flows, and the enhancement of property market values.  We study our competitive positioning and market conditions aggressively, keeping on top of current trends to exploit future opportunities.


·        CHMC senior management team has an average industry experience in excess of 20 years.  We enjoy long-standing relationships with major industry players, and our clients directly benefit from these relationships.


·        CHMC account executives have well established business relationships within the financial, brokerage, and investment communities, which are used to create business partnerships, and successful transactions.  Our professional team has a unique level of expertise in cost effectively supporting the goals and objectives of both our owner-clients, and our financial partners.